Artisan Breads

Everyday Breads and Rolls: Every morning, Mondays through Saturdays, we roll out our famous everyday breads and rolls including:  Barcelona baguettes, Mediterranean loaves, soft crusted whole wheat, multigrain and white family loaves, Maggiolini buns  and of course, our customer favourite Ciabatta buns.  Hot and fresh everyday!

Alpine Bread:  A recipe from the swiss alps.  A mixture of whole wheat and white flours with our 8 grain mix topped with bran.  Fresh out of the oven on Wednesdays.

Basket Bread:   A light rye loaf with the addition of walnuts and sunflower seed, baked in a ringed wicker basket and dusted with flour for a very distinctive appearance.  Fresh out of the oven on Thursdays.

Farmers Bread:  Our heaviest loaf is made with 70% rye flour.  We shape it round and it has a slight sourdough taste.  Made by our very own farmer’s daughter.  Fresh out of the oven on Fridays.

German Rye: A nice light rye bread with a dark crusty exterior and deceptively light interior.  A JK fixture for over 15 years.  Fresh out of the oven on Tuesdays.

Nordic Bread: Whole wheat  flour, Rye flour, Flaked Rye flour, Roasted Barley, Sunflower seeds, Flax seeds.  This bread is loaded with goodness to keep you warm and strong.  Fresh out of the oven on Saturdays.

Norwegian Rye: A special recipe developed by and for the Norwegian ski team during the 1988 Olympic events held in Canmore.  This bread contains Oats, Bran, Flax seed, Millet, Cracked Wheat, Sunflower seeds and coarse rye.  Fresh out of the oven on Mondays.