All JK Breads are made on site from scratch using the freshest possible ingredients.
Our flours come from the Ellison Milling Company in Lethbridge, heart of the grain country of southern Alberta. Hard Red Spring, Soft White Spring, Durum and Red Winter wheats and Ryes are all available in southern Alberta allowing us a selection of the best quality flours. All of our breads are low in sugar, salt and fat.
Bread orders require 48 hours notice. 

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Monday - Norwegian Rye 
A special recipe developed by and for the Norwegian ski team during the 1988 Olympic events held in Canmore. This bread contains Oats, Bran, Flax seed, Millet, Cracked Wheat, Sunflower seeds and coarse rye.

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Tuesday - German Rye 
A nice light rye bread with a dark crusty exterior and deceptively light interior. A JK fixture for over 15 years.

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Wednesday- Alpine 
A recipe from the swiss alps. A mixture of whole wheat and white flours with our 8 grain mix topped with bran.

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Thursday - Basket
A rye loaf with the addition of walnuts and sunflower seed, proofed in a ringed wicker basket and dusted with flour for a very distinctive appearance.

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Friday - Farmers
Our heaviest loaf is made with 70% rye flour. We shape it round and it has a slight sourdough taste. Made by our very own farmer’s daughter. 

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Friday - Zopf
This bread is traditionally shared at family gatherings on Sunday mornings. It contains butter and eggs and a bit of sugar and has a beautiful braided shape.

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Saturday - Nordic 
Whole wheat flour, Rye flour, Flaked Rye flour, Roasted Barley, Sunflower seeds, Flax seeds. This bread is loaded with goodness to keep you warm and strong.

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The best parts of a pretzel and  baguette combined. 

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Now available everyday!
A light sour dough bread.

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Barcelona Baguette
Larger than a traditional French baguette. We bake our baguettes and all of our daily buns in our slate deck oven. The combinations of the high heat and the slate enables us to achieve that nice crusty exterior and chewy soft interior.

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 A perfect grab and go snack.

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Our Daily Breads

Whole Wheat: Traditional whole wheat low in fat and salt. 

Multigrain: Our multi grain bread contains oats, flaxseed, sesame seed, bran, sunflower seed, millet, coarse rye and cracked wheat for a very nutritious loaf of bread. Not too heavy and topped with grain for a nice wholesome appearance.

White Bread: Traditional white loaf, low in fat and salt.

Flaxseed: This is a great value in a healthy bread. A slightly smaller loaf made with coarse rye, oats and flax seed balanced with white flour and topped with bran.

Mediterranean Loaf: Made from the same dough as our ciabatta buns in a circle or big donut shape.

Our Daily Buns:

Ciabatta: Hard on the outside and soft on the inside. Our most popular bun for sandwiches.

Multigrain Ciabattas: Same as our regular ciabattas but made with our multigrain dough.
*Only on Friday*

Multigrain Kaisers: Round buns made with our multigrain dough. Perfect for burgers.

Artisan Bun of the Day: Four buns made from the dough of our bread of the day.
Bun type will vary. 

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