Why JK?

Because unlike most commercial bakeries, at JK we do not use any preservatives in any of our breads. Our breads are all made by hand right here in the Bow Valley with the best ingredients.

The JK Artisan Baking Process:

Preparing the dough 
We use only deluxe bread flour milled from the best grain southern Alberta has to offer, pure rocky mountain water, salt and fresh yeast. Some of our doughs need to rest for a full day before it is divided and shaped.

Once shaped, our dough needs to proof. Proofing with steam allows the yeast to ferment and cause the dough to rise. Proofing is very important to achieve the proper shape and texture of the bread.  Our traditional basket bread is proofed in a wicker basket that gives a higher rise and a unique appearance.

Before baking, the loaves are scored with a razor blade to control their expansion in the oven. We then bake the bread on our slate deck oven at high heat. Most of our artisan breads are baked directly on the slate while others like the family and sandwich loaves are baked in our large rotational oven.

Storing JK Breads
JK Breads don’t have the additives and preservatives used by most commercial bakeries to extend their shelf life. Consequently, fresh JK breads may have a shorter shelf life than what you might get from the supermarkets. We suggest the following to store your JK breads;
If the bread is crusty, store it in a paper bag, a towel or a bread box at room temperature. This will allow it to breathe and retain its crust.
If your bread is soft, store it in a plastic bag or container at room temperature to keep it soft. You can always freeze your fresh bread for use at a later date.