The pastry display is always in a state of flux. New creations appear daily amongst the long standing favourites listed below. Come by for a treat or pick up something to bring on your mountain adventure. Ask our cafe servers for dessert recommendations if you're headed to a dinner.

Swiss Rhubarb Pie

A recipe from our bakers mother in Switzerland. A moist rhubarb cake on a sweet pie crust.

Cream Horn

A delicious treat filled with fresh cream and the ends dipped in chocolate.


A staff favourite. Layers of puff pastry and Bavarian cream topped with icing.

Assorted Sweet Loaves

Sweet breads with icing. Varieties include poppy seed, hazelnut and cinnamon.

Lemon Tart

The name says it all!

Granola Bar

Filled with nuts, seeds and Toblerone chocolate. Perfect for a pocket snack at the hill.

Almond Delight

Almonds dipped in chocolate on a sweet cookie base. Need we say more?

Energy Bar

Filled with dried fruit, nuts and seeds. This will give you the energy for all your hikes in the Rocky Mountains!

Austrian Apple Struddel

Apples and raisins baked in layered thin pastry with icing sugar.

German Apple Struddel

Apples baked in thicker pastry with icing on top.

Cinnamon Buns


Gluten Friendly Items

Energy ball, cocoa ball, chocolate macaroon and coconut macaroon, Items are made at the bakery and therefore not in a gluten free environment.

Assorted Biscotti

Made the old fashioned way; hard and crunchy. Perfect to dip in your latte.

Assorted Cupcakes

The perfect way to show someone you've been thinking of them.

Assorted Cookies

No backcountry lunch is complete without one.

Assorted Muffins

A different kind each day of the week!

Dog Biscuits

Don't forget your furry friend!