Pick Up:
Picks up orders at all three locations can be made same day but please call to check product stock. Otherwise orders can be placed 24 hours in advance online or by calling 403-678-4232

Delivery Schedule:

Canmore and Banff Monday - Saturday 

Please give at least 24 hours’ notice for a delivery order and 48 hours for a bread order. Delivery is free but minimum order amount is $25. Please call 403-678-4232 or order online to place your order.

We are also selling some produce to save you the extra stop at the grocery store. Come in or call ahead to see what we are offering. 

Bag of 6 Scones

Why not start your day with an old fashioned scone with jam? Sold in packs of 6, blueberry, cranberry or cheese.

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Soft and satisfies that salt craving.

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A staff favourite. Layers of puff pastry and Bavarian cream topped with icing.

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Assorted Sweet Braids

Sweet breads with icing. Varieties include poppy seed, hazelnut and cinnamon.

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Buttery, Flakey Heaven.

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Granola Bar

Filled with nuts, seeds and Toblerone chocolate. Perfect for a pocket snack at the hill.

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Assorted Sweet Loaves

Choose from Banana, Chocolate Orange, Chocolate Hazelnut and Chocolate Lemon Poppyseed.

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Assorted Donuts (6)

Chocolate glazed, sugar coated, spinkles... order a pack of 6 and see what you get!

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Apple Fritter (6)

Fresh apples deep fried in a donut, what's not to like?

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German Apple Strudel

Apples baked in thicker pastry with icing on top.

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Cinnamon Buns (6)


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Assorted Fruit Danishes (6)

Lemon, Blueberry.

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Cherry Cream Cheese Danish (6)

The perfect guilty pleasure.

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Assorted Cupcakes

The perfect way to show someone you've been thinking of them.

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Assorted Cookies (6)

No backcountry (or quarantined) lunch is complete without one.

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Soft and Chocolatey

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Dog Biscuits

Don't forget your furry friend!

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Lemon Coconut Square

Lemon filling on pastry topped with sprinkled coconut.

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Macaroon (GF) (6)

Chocolate or Coconut and all Gluten Free

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Cocoa Ball (GF) (6)

The last in our selection of Tasty Gluten Free Items

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Austrian Apple Strudel

Delicious spiced apples with rum and raisins wrapped in flaky pastry. 

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Jelly Donuts (6)

Donuts with a raspberry jelly filling

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Jam Cookie - Smiley Face

Two layers of sugar cookie with a raspberry filling and sprinkled with icing sugar

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Jam Cookie

Two layers of sugar cookie with a raspberry filling and glazed with icing

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